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Chevrolet was formed by a race car engineer who wanted to instill his knowledge into a range of domestic models. The company went on to be acquired by General Motors and ended up being a mid-price brand for its parent company with a wide range of lines.

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Chrysler was formed in 1925 and quickly went on to become a huge name in motoring. Nowadays the company is used as an American brand for European automaker Fiat who also brands several of the same models as "Lancia" for the European market too.

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Ford is an American automaker with a fleet of brands sitting beneath them such as their luxury arm Lincoln. Henry Ford left Cadillac to form his own motoring company and embrace mass-production to create what was once the most popular automobile brand in the world.

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Honda has a rich heritage in many types of vehicles including ATVs, aircraft, motorcycles, and automobiles. They have a reputation for reliability and value for money thanks to their simplistic designs and automated manufacturing processes that embrace robots.

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Jeep started out as a single model created by Willys of the USA for use by the army during WW2. Due to its massive success, the model was introduced to domestic buyers and so the Jeep brand was launched. Today it is used for all sorts of 4X4s and SUVs.

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Toyota started out manufacturing looms for the textiles industry but quickly moved into automobile production as the market began to explode in the early-1900s. Ever since then the company has innovated many alternative-fuel-driven vehicles such as the popular Prius.

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