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Reset Lights

Find out how to reset warning lights in various cars.

What Is ResetLight.com?

Here at ResetLight.com we keep track of many makes and models of car and how to reset various lights that may appear in them.

The data is updated as often as possible using our team of volunteers who search the web and inspect hundreds of owner's manuals.

You can get started by finding your make/model of car by selecting it from the popular list below, the manufacturer from the dropdown above or on our dedicated search page.

Once you have found your exact model you can then click on the link to jump to find the instructions to reset the annoying warning light that has appeared on your dashboard.

These warning lights range from the less severe such as for the tire pressure monitoring system through to the scary check enigne light.

Struggling to find how to reset a certain warning light? Wy not fire us a message through our contact page to see if we can help.

Common Light Resets

TPMS TPMS Warning Icon

Annoyingly, your car may continue to display the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) warning after you have inflated your tires.

Resetting this warning light is the only way to get rid of it and it usually involves a few simple steps.

Oil Maintenance Oil Maintenance Warning Icon

The manufacturer of your car will most probably recommended that you change its oil at regular intervals.

They may reinforce this message by displaying a warning light in the shape of an oil can on your dashboard.

Once you have changed the oil you will the need to reset the light to stop it illuminating - we have guides on how to do that.

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