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2013 Chrysler 200 ABS Light Reset

The following guide will show you how to reset the abs warning light on the 2013 Chrysler 200.

This guide shows you how you can reset the ABS warning light on the Chrysler 200.

It appears when a fault has been detected in the braking system, a very important thing to fix due to safety.

If you have completed the fix and the brakes are working safely then you may still need to reset the ABS warning light on the dashboard.

This can be done by using an OBD2 scanner to reset the fault manually.

If you do not have an OBD2 scanner to hand then you can fall back onto the simple but time-consuming method of unplugging the battery.

Leaving the battery unplugged in the car for over 15 minutes (with the lights switched on to quickly deplete the charge) will cause the car to reset.

Removing the battery cables should be done with the negative side first and then the positive second.

When reconnecting the battery be sure to attach the positive cable first in the opposite order of when you removed them.

2013 Chrysler 200

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This abs reset guide is relevant for the 2013 Chrysler 200.