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2003 Chrysler Voyager Oil Service Light Reset

The following guide will show you how to reset the oil service warning light on the 2003 Chrysler Voyager.

For the fourth-generation Chrysler Voyager, you can easily reset the oil service (or service required) warning message yourself.

You need to first switch the ignition on by turning the key or pressing the start-stop button twice without starting the engine.

The car information screen (usually attached to the roof or in front of the driver) will be illuminated allowing you to press the “MENU” button to cycle through to the service interval option.

Now press the “STEP” button to cycle that menu to find the option to set the miles until the next service.

Press the “C/T” button repeatedly until the screen changes and then press “STEP” repeatedly until “YES” appears as an option.

Finally, press the “C/T” button and turn off the ignition to complete the reset of the oil maintenance warning.

2003 Chrysler Voyager

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This oil service reset guide is relevant for the 2003 Chrysler Voyager.