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2015 Chrysler Voyager Tire Pressure Light Reset

The following guide will show you how to reset the tire pressure warning light on the 2015 Chrysler Voyager.

To reset the TMPS (tire pressure monitoring system) light in the Chrysler Voyager you must first inflate all four tires to the required level.

You can find the required tire pressure for your exact model, year and trim using our sister site: Chrysler Voyager Tire Pressure.

Next, you need what is a called a “relearn magnet” which is essentially a normal magnet but shaped in a circle that can reset the TPMS sensors.

It is reported that you can use a normal magnet to do the same thing (such as from an old speaker) or purchase one specifically for the job for small money online.

Once you have that tool you can proceed with the actual reset instructions:

Turn the ignition in your car to the on position but do not start the car (so the dashboard should light up but the engine makes no noise).

Press the “MENU” button repeatedly on your dashboard until the screen in the instrument cluster displays the text RETRAIN TIRE SENSOR _NO.

Then use the “STEP” button to select this option and change it from “NO” to “YES”.

Once again press the “MENU” button from before on your Voyager dashboard and the relearning process will begin.

You should see a new message appear telling you that “TRAIN LEFT FRONT TIRE” and this is where you need your relearning magnet (or try your luck with a generic magnet).

Place your relearning magnet over the valve stem of the front-left tire until you hear the horn give out a little beep.

Now you need to do the same thing for the next 3 sensors around the car in the order that the screen tells you to do.

If this procedure has been completed successfully then the screen in your instrument cluster will display the message “TRAINING COMPLETE”.

You can now exit the menu using the buttons or turn your Chrysler Voyager car off.

2015 Chrysler Voyager

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This tire pressure reset guide is relevant for the 2015 Chrysler Voyager.