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Toyota Prius Light Resets

If you are looking for information on how to reset dashboard lights in the Toyota Prius then you have come to the right place.

On this page you can find guides that cover model years 1997 through to 2021 and 3 different types of lights that can be reset.

TPMS Warning Icon Tire Pressure Monitoring

If your Toyota Prius has a tire pressure monitoring system fitted then you may find the warning light appearing on the dashboard.

Once the tire pressures have been adjusted to the correct PSI the light may stay on anyway.

To turn it off you will need to perform a few easy tasks in order to reset it.

These instructions will vary year to year in the Toyota Prius, so to get started choose your appropriate year from the list below:

Oil Maintenance Warning Icon Oil Maintenance

At some point your Toyota Prius will request that you change the oil using a prompt on the display in the dashboard.

You or a trained mechanic will want to flush the oil out of the system and replace it with new liquid which may not lead to the light switching off automatically.

To manually reset the oil maintenance warning in the Toyota Prius you can follow the guides linked to below, first choose the relevant model year:

ABS Warning Icon ABS Warning

The ABS in your Toyota Prius could fail for a variety of reasons, some of which you can easily fix yourself.

Even if you do fix the ABS issue you may still find that the warning light is still present on your dashboard.

To switch it back off again you can use the following guides, broken down into seperate model years:

Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius Image

At the end of the 20th century, Toyota introduced the Prius model to the world, a line that would change the way we look at alternative-fuel vehicles.

It was the first mainstream hybrid fuel-electric automobile that took the world by storm.

You could find many celebrities adopting the car quickly as it sat comfortably within their “green future” vision for the world.

What made the Prius stand out was the ability it had to not only achieve an amazing fuel economy but also be practical at the same time.

To create the car Toyota took the popular Corolla platform and adapted it to make it a hybrid model, adding the capabilities to an already popular car.

An aerodynamic body was crafted for the Prius to help make the new model stick out as well as reduce fuel use even further.

Over the years the Japanese automaker has further refined the line to be better in every way possible.

New materials and modern production technologies have allowed the Prius to remain low-cost while achieving better fuel efficiency.

The original Prius could achieve just over 40 miles to the gallon whereas the modern examples of the car can push just over 50 miles for the same fuel use.